Our Story
Our names are Marianne (left) and Serena (right). We are both Juniors in the bay area. Over the summer of 2019, we volunteered for Connexpedition, an organization that brings high school students to indigenous areas of Taiwan to teach underserved children English. ​Specifically, we were a part of the Vox Nativa branch of the program. Vox Nativa is a children’s choir and school based in the mountains of the Nantou Province of Taiwan. Most of their students are aboriginal kids ranging from elementary to middle school from villages around the area with the voices of angels. Founded in 2008, they have two simple goals: to improve the lives of those within the poverty stricken aboriginal communities and to promote aboriginal culture and pride through the voices of these gifted children. Throughout this experience, we've built connections and bonds that will last a lifetime and have inspired us to give back to these children and the program. With Formosa, our mission is to continuously sell products where we can donate profits to these children who have touched our hearts forever. All of our scrunchies are handmade with love and care, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the process of making them!

Check out Vox Nativa's website: https://voxnativausa.org/
Our Logo & Name
Although our logo is what seems to be a simple teddy bear, it is actually based off the formosan black bear, a subspecies if the asian black bear known for their v-shaped white collars and the only bear native to Taiwan. Our bear specifically, we have named Bobaba (Many people have asked if the logo on our scrunchies is a bird. No, it is not. Take a closer look at our logo, please.) Beyond raising money for underprivileged children, another goal we have at Formosa is to try and spread knowledge of Taiwan culture and society, hence our name, “Formosa”, which is what Portuguese sailors first said in 1542 when they landed in Taiwan, meaning “beautiful island.” These bears were voted the most representative wildlife of Taiwan in 2001 and can often be seen all over the island as adorable mascots or on stationary. However due to severe exploitation and habitat damage in the past decades, they have been listed as endangered since 1989. With our stickers, scrunchies, and many more products to come, we hope to spread awareness of this endearing animal along with knowledge about the beautiful island we are proud to share a name with. 

Formosan black bears, June 9, 2019 | via ETToday

Formosa mountains, July 12, 2019 | via Serena Lin

Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association: http://www.taiwanbear.org.tw/front
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